BeHawta Company

BeHawta Company, POLARIS official dealer in the IRAQ, the first powersport vehicles in Iraq.

Our vision to fuel the passion of workers and outdoor enthusiasts in Iraq, by delivering innovative, high quality vehicle products, services and experiences that enrich their lives.





Erbil Polaris Store:

Kuran - Makhmour Road


Baghdad Polaris Store:

Al Saydiyah, Next to Al Khayzaran st.

Baghdad-Hilla Road


Sulaymaniyah Polaris Store:

Salim Street, Beside Slemani Palace hotel, Sardar Group Building




Erbil Polaris Store:

Phone: +964 (750 ) 511 2222

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Baghdad Polaris Store:

Phone: +964 (772) 334 1683

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Sulaymaniyah Polaris Store:

Phone: +964 ( 750 ) 511 3333

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Opening times

From Saturday to Wednesday : 9:00 am to 5.30 pm

Thursday : 9.00 am to 1.00 pm

Fridays : Closed


Our Services

Be-Hawta Polaris Iraq has its headquarters in Erbil - KRG, with branches in Baghdad and Sulaymanyah. It also has representation in Duhok and Basrah through its sister companies. It currently sells and maintains mainly all-terrain vehicles, ie Outlaw for the youth, RZR, Ranger and Sportsman models, as well as military vehicles (MRZR & Sportsman MV) and electric vehicles (GEM & Goupil). The future product serving will be adjusted according to circumstances in the country.


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